Ranbir Kapoor and His Car makes stardom look

 Ranbir Kapoor makes stardom look easy.With his easy going attitude, and a distinct knack for experimental cinema, Ranbir is one of the few bollywood A-list actors that trod the fine line between the artsy and therefor the thought genres of cinema. While his latest ‘Ae Dil hai Mushkil’ struggles to get positive reviews, let’s take a look at one of the industry’s highest paid actor’s car collection.


If you stay in Mumbai, the Mercedes AMG G3 is one of the most bad-ass production cars to go around in.People move out of the way , irrespective of whether you are a superstar or not. If you have the suggets that and love massive, hulking vehicles, it’s highly recommend you get one of these.It might ride like it’s on wooden wheels, or handle like a boat (that’s because its older than your dad-the AMG ones aren’t the best off the road either) but it’s got attitude.Tons of it.No wonder its the best selling AMG ever made.No wonder its Ranbir’s favorite car because it somehow suits his persona.I bet this is the one he ends up driving the most.

Ranbir’s example is finished in white,all black interiors highlighted by crimson patches on the leathers.That doesn’t change anything as the G 63’s hand made,5.5 litre,twin turbocharged, V8 petrol engine (rated at 544 bhp and 760 Nm of torque) still lights up its rear tires like its Diwali all year long.In case you’re wondering , this monolith on wheels can chase 100 kph in a mere 5.3 seconds, and run all the way to an electronically limited top speed of 210 Kph.

Range Rover

The Range Rover is the choice for a bunch of B-TOWN Celebs, notably the likes of AMITABH BACHHAN,who just put his money down on one and Akshay Kumar.Not to mention leading ladies like Anushka Sharma as well. Catching up to the trend,Ranbir Kapoor welcomed the newest edition to his fleet in the form of this svelte new RR.Built like a tomb from the inside so that you can enjoy the optional 825 Watt Meridian surround sound system as you lounge on the leather and smell the rich wood, the Range Rover spoils.While it does so,it’ll happily take on a bit of slush and gravel to reach your farmhouse.

The Range Rover is available with two engine options-a 4.4 litre diesel engine good for 335 bhp/740 Nm and a 5.0 litre,V8 supercharged petrol engine rated at 503 bhp/625 Nm.Both are mated to an eight-speed transmission. Ranbir’s example is powered by the former, which means that the stately home on wheels can scant from 0-100 kph in just 6.9 seconds and reach a top of speed 218 kph.

Audi A8W12

When he isn’t driving, Ranbir finds solace in the leather of his Audi A8 L’s back seat.That doesn’t mean he doesn’t it drive though. And why won’t he? Because it isn’t your average, diesel sipping A8L that ferries guests from posh hotels to the airport.It’s the range W12 variant, the one that pulls like a locomotive courtesy its 6.3 litre ,500 bhp strong, 12-cylinder engine,while its 8-speed automatic transmission manages the cogs with Teutonic efficiency.Of course, its all wood and leather trimmed inside,from where Ranbir dazzles the outside world with his stardom or in this case,those ground breaking LED headlamps.He’s even got it customized to his tastes,with crimson on the interior complimenting the white exterior; just like on his G63 AMG.


Word on the street has it that he has sold this baby, nonetheless,the Audi R8 is a great car to have. Ranbir owned the first generation model that made enthusiats swoon with its curvy shaped and contrast colored ‘side blades’. Expect the ones on Ranbir’s car(now sold) being body colored ones.It was also the first Audi in recent times that broke the shackles about the German brand having gone too soft and monotonous with even their high-end cars. Even though its not with him now , we’re sure Ranbir must have enjoyed putting the German Sports car through its paces. He had V8 variant, that uses a 4.0 litre, naturally aspirated V8 petrol engine putting out 430 bhp and 430 Nm of torque.With a dual clutch automatic transmission setting all the wheels on fire courtesy Quattro, the car is capable of reaching 300 Kph while 0-100 kph sprint comes up in a scant 4.3 seconds.


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