Satin Blue COPO Camaro Brings Power and Style To SEMA

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Even though we’ve become accustomed to seeing new COPO Camaros year in year out, the new models are existing and at SEMA.One blue example looks particularly imressive.

The front three quarter of this COPO Camaro is finished in stin blue(dubbed Hyper Blue Mettalic) which has then been offset with a gloss back rear end and a ‘350 Supercherged’ red and white livery. The finished product look the most appealing of any unit we’ve seen so far and is bound turn heads at the drag trip.

Serial number 01 of 96 , it is underpinned by a racing chassis and includes a bespoke suspension setup, and different rear axle, a fuel cell with a high-pressure fuel pump and a custom manual steering rack.The 5.7-litre Superchaged V8 engine is then mated to a three speed automatic transmission.


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