Tesla has an Autopilot feature in Model S and Model X vehicle.


Tesla has an Autopilot feature in Model S and Model X vehicle,allowing them to automatically change lanes and keep up with traffic.

But it suffered a set back in May when a man was killed driving a Tesla Model S while using the Autopilot function.A preminilary US Natinal Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)  repoprt into the accident said the driver had been speeding moments before collided with a lorry.

Mr Musk was critical of press coverage of this and other related Autopilot accidents,saying there had been a “paucity of media coverage of the 1.2 million people that die every year in manual crashes.”

He claimed that publishing such nagative stories risked dissuading people from using autonomous car tech, which would result in deaths.

To underline the point,he retweeted on account of how Autopilot had prevented a Tesla Model X rear ending another car.

But one expert said it was that critical articales be published.

“It’s a revolutionary technology,So it’s inventible that it will attract a lot of attention,” said Prof David Baily from Aston Business School.

“If it was positive attention he wouldn’t be complaining.But the point is that the press will pick up on things that go wrong and things will go wrong.”

“This technology will radically change the way we get around our cities,and as it’s introduced it’s absolutely right that it be scrutinised both by policy makers and the media” 


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